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23/8/2014 Sniper Online Online. New Offers by Sniper Online Team

23/8/2014 Sniper Online Online. Enjoy Playing in Our Servers by Sniper Online Team
We didnt ask Any one For donate !
Update V2.00 Now Done , Enjoy New Features .. For Any Guide or Questions Pm Us On

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23/8/2014 Information About Game by Sniper Online Team
Information :
-Cap: 130
-New Game Play System
-Fortresses:Hotan, Jangan, Bandit
-Mastery: 390 Chinese, 260 European
-Euro and Chinese Races
-Battle Arena
-Forgotten World
-New Skill Animations
-Skills cap 130
-EXP/SP Rates: 65x
-Party EXP/SP Rates: 75x
-Gold drop rate: 5x
-Drop rate: 20x
-Classic system job rate: 10x
5/9/2020 Hello. This is Sniper Online by Sniper Online Team
Hello. This is Sniper Online.
-- Areba ( Score & party & Guild ) Now Working
-- Fortress War Working Now ( JanGan & Bandit & Hotan CONS )
-- Capture The Flag ( So-Ok) Now Working
-- New Weapons & Clothes
-- New Rare items
-- New Pets ( Isro official )
-- New Unique ( Special Spawn Places & Special Drops Scrolls and Sniper Coin and models Coin )
19/6/2014 Hello. This is Sniper Online Online by Sniper Online Team

-- according to Serve our Players with the best service they can get we Increase Arena Coins Drops ( Uniques & events )

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